Profiles of Success – Tyler Housley Follis

Posted on June 19, 2018

In his position as a Calibration Technician for the Dallas branch of NSM, Steven “Tyler” Housley Follis handles calibration, adjustment and repair of Test and Measurement Equipment. He finds and develops procedures to suit our customers as well as our own needs. He communicates with customers to ensure that we provide satisfactory service and meet all their needs and requirements. Tyler also coordinates with managers and customers to guarantee timely service on the customer’s timeline. He enjoys the pursuit of improvement and always strives to make things better, both at work and in his personal life. Tyler is challenged with time management. With so many demands on his time, managing all his priorities provides an excellent challenge!

Tyler is passionate about the work he does, the services he provides and all the things he puts his name on. He pours everything he can into whatever he’s doing, and he tries to perform to the best of his abilities and knowledge. He possesses integrity, and he won’t compromise on the right versus wrong way of doing things while striving to be open and honest about everything, especially his own shortcomings. Tyler prides himself on his initiative; he seeks out new tasks when he’s completed his own task list. He has no problem seeing something that needs to be done and completing it, whether it’s tackling research or mopping the floor.

Tyler has a number of passion projects. He’s an avid gamer who spends a lot of time working on, playing games on and maintaining his PC. He is in the process of restoring his pride and joy, a 1994 Full-Size Blazer that he likes to take out and play around in the mud, when he can find it.Pro

Thanks for all of your passion Tyler; we are lucky to have you at NSM!

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