Profiles of Success – Travis Lawrence

Posted on July 24, 2018

Travis Lawrence is brand new to the Nicol family as a Calibration Technician trainee in the Houston branch. Currently he’s concentrating on learning and “paying close attention to what Jared is teaching him.” He’s most rewarded by being home every night and not traveling out of the Houston area, and he’s very appreciative of NSM for providing him with the opportunity to learn about the calibration of instruments. He’s most challenged by being brand new to the industry and having a lot to learn about all the pieces of equipment to be calibrated. Travis defines himself as reliable as he will always be on time and do what needs to be done, honest as he’s straightforward and trustworthy and respectful as he will always treat everyone as he would like to be treated. Travis relaxes by spending time with his wife and kids. Welcome to NSM Travis; we are happy to have you!

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