Tracking Waste Inventory

Posted on January 14, 2020

A recent article in the Weighing Review discusses how the waste disposal industry relies on weight to quantify transacted material. Clean-N-Green converts raw sewage into a fertilizer base after heating and distillation in a plant fueled by used cooking oil. As detailed by the Weighing Review, the company needed a quick way to track inbound waste inventory while also certifying that outgoing vehicles comply with the weight limits on public roads.

The Intercomp LS-WIM provided an excellent solution. The system measured the weights of the incoming vehicles and totalized the weights to determine the gross vehicle weight. This was instantly documented as the net weight of inbound material. After the installation of these systems, Clean-N-Green’s shortage/excess of raw material at the end of daily production runs decreased by 30%. Their overweight citations also decreased by more than 85%.

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