Profiles of Success: Shalonda Becker

Posted on January 23, 2018

NSM’s Dallas location has been lucky to have Shalonda Becker as our Warehouse Coordinator for almost two and a half years now. Shalonda is responsible for all  shipping and receiving, for creating the work orders for all items received, for all customer service issues related to the warehouse and for all those little things that we all forget about in the shop including checking all returned rentals to ensure they are working properly and making sure the warehouse is clean and in proper working condition.

Shalonda is rewarded by working with great people at a job she really enjoys. Even when it is busy and even hectic, her coworkers will say something to make her smile or laugh even if she doesn’t think she has the time to do so. They never let her down when she’s going through a hard time. There are even days when she can’t wait to come into work! Shalonda’s biggest challenge is not feeling like she’s put a dent in all the things she has to get done; it never fails that another pile of things drops on her  lap when there’s already a pile of work to be done. Shalonda and our entire team deal with a lot of customers who are being audited and need equipment quickly. Part of the challenge involves getting things done in a timely manner. Shalonda strives to get everything done the best she can as quickly as she can.

Three traits that define Shalonda are honesty, loyalty and quality. She believes in telling the truth at all times, no matter the consequence. She will be with you until the end, and she believes in doing the best she can. Not only does she believe that for herself, but also she expects it from others. She’s a firm believer in the Golden Rule!

Outside of work Shalonda enjoys spending time with her 11 year old daughter and taking her to the movies. She loves the ocean and anywhere outdoors. She loves to have fun and to laugh.

Thanks for always taking the time to do things right Shalonda; we at NSM are blessed to have you!

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