Profiles of Success – Kat Brimhall

Posted on September 20, 2017

Kat Brimhall, our Houston Office Administrator, has been handling purchase orders, preparing work orders for billing, processing employee paperwork, audits and collections and working on special projects and tasks as needed for two and a half years now. She takes pride in assisting her coworkers however she is needed, which in turn ensures that things in the office run smoothly while easing the stress and burden of others.  The most challenging part of her job entails bringing past due accounts to current status in an effective manner that still provides the customer with a positive impression of NSM. While collections often leave a bad taste in a customer’s mouth, Kat does a great job in letting the customer know that we do care. Three traits that define Kat are approachable, team player and honest. She thrives on being approachable because she understands how difficult it often is for others not only to admit they need help, but also to ask for it. If it is known that the person being asking for help is going to be open and receptive, things will run more smoothly. Being approachable makes Kat a team player as well; she practices what she preaches as she knows she is a part of the team, and whatever she does to make things easier aids the team as a whole. Kat is not afraid to make a mistake, and, more importantly, to learn from it. If being honest about her mistake helps others to learn and to prevent a similar mistake, NSM benefits. In her words “honesty is important in how we treat our customers as it impacts their view of our integrity and who we are.” Kat relaxes by spending time with her daughter, her brother, her friends and her neighbors, watching movies, walking her dog and, not surprisingly, doing various types of volunteer work. Thanks Kat for everything you do for NSM!

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