Profiles of Success – Stuart Waymack

Posted on April 21, 2020

Stuart Waymack, our newest Sales Representative, is based in our Austin branch. Originally from Chicago, he grew up in San Antonio and the border region and moved to Austin when he worked for Grainger. Stuart loves the vibe in Austin. As he says “I have progressive cutting-edge culture when I want it, or I can get back to my country roots. The lakes, hike/bike trails and nightlife don’t hurt either.” Stuart has a Bachelor of Applied Arts & Sciences from the University of the Incarnate Word and has worked in medical services sales for Nova Medical Centers and in health and life insurance sales. He most recently was an outside sales rep for W.W. Grainger, Inc. If he had his druthers, Stuart would be a full-time farmer rather than a hobby farmer as he loves both the land and animals. Interestingly enough he is also a licensed x-ray technician with a background in allied health services.

Stuart defines himself with the following three traits: honesty; kindness; compassion. He believes honesty should be the basis for all human interaction, kindness should be its law and compassion its guiding principle. He is most rewarded by relationships with his customers and coworkers; he loves being a trusted resource and an integral part of a successful business. He feels most challenged when he has worked hard on a proposal only to lose the bid or contract, but these occurrences are also his greatest sources of learning.

When asked how he relaxes outside of work, Stuart answered, “it sounds strange, but the gym is my happy place. It helps me work out my frustrations and build a stronger me. Otherwise I go hold a baby goat. It’s very Zen-like.” Stuart came from the industrial sales world – Grainger – and felt that the weighing and measurement industry would be a natural fit where he could further hone his selling skills. He also felt it was an industry that would not be disrupted soon. Little did he know what the universe was throwing at him…

Stuart started his job with NSM right as shelter in place took effect across most of the state leading to an interesting training process. He addressed some challenges, successes and areas of improvement as follows. “As much as I love technology, I value face time. There are nuances being in person that can be missed virtually or otherwise. That said I believe everyone is adapting very well to our current reality.” Stuart has found Anydesk to be a great help; it’s been an invaluable resource when covering detailed software processes as found in TOM (NSM’s Office Management software system.) He says Skype, WebEx and, everyone’s favorite, Zoom to have been helpful as well. Stuart has some great ideas regarding how to improve NSM’s training procedure. He believes that we should work to formalize the virtual learning/training process for future new hires, which would give NSM more options as we continue to grow across large geographic areas. Thanks in advance for volunteering to help in this process Stuart – we will definitely be taking you up on this! Working from home hasn’t been much of a struggle for Stuart as most of his sales jobs have been either remote or in the field so he’s accustomed to structuring his days and motivating himself even while at home. He’s blessed to have acres of space to walk on to get out of the house. Although as he says, “that being said, I value the comradery you get in an office and am missing that right now.”

Stuart’s own words seem the best way to wrap this up. “Thank you for taking this time to get to know me. I look forward to getting to know everyone personally and to being a successful part of this team. I love the family feel I’m already getting. So better yet, I’m happy to be part of this family.” Thanks for giving us all the feels Stuart; we’re ecstatic you’re a part of this family as well!

Stuart Waymack