Profiles of Success – Kelly Barnett

Posted on February 28, 2023

Kelly Barnett has been with NSM just shy of four years where she’s risen to the role of Calibration Service Manager for the Dallas Metrology team. She’s responsible for overseeing the department and for ensuring the work flow runs smoothly. Kelly is most rewarded in supporting the team and providing them with both the tools and information needed to succeed at each job. She loves that the Metrology team is a close-knit group who are not only co-workers, but also friends. As she says, “being able to be both allows for a safe environment for everyone to open up and feel like their thoughts and ideas are heard.” Kelly genuinely cares about each person on her team, and her goal is to make sure that each of them loves their job and enjoys coming into work every day. In fact many of her team members call her “Office Mom,” which she says in itself is rewarding to hear. She is most challenged by making sure all customers are happy and handled as a priority.

Kelly defines herself as a good listener who is always there for people to open up regardless of if they are sharing exciting moments or expressing hard times. She’s caring and is always thinking and putting others before herself. She constantly worries about people and wants to make their lives easier. She’s also calm and has the ability to stay so in almost any situation. Kelly does not anger easily and contributes to a peaceful environment amidst a hurricane or any other situation that arises.

Kelly relaxes by spending time with her three kids. They love watching movies, playing games and making fun TikTok videos together. When she’s kid-free, she loves to do crafts like book folding, tube down the river or just catch up on things around the house. We’re so happy to have our Office Mom as part of our team – thanks for all you do Kelly!

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