Profiles of Success Jasmine Anderson

Posted on March 14, 2023

Jasmine Anderson has officially been with NSM for a year now! As an AP specialist, she is Oliver’s right-hand helper. She is most rewarded by being able to provide knowledge and service to NSM customers. The most challenging part of her job is invoice and PO discrepancies. Jasmine defines herself as adaptable, disciplined and amiable. She’s able to adapt to any environment and apply both her skills and her knowledge to the situation at hand. She’s true to herself and to others, she doesn’t sugarcoat, and she’s dependable. She’s amiable in that, as she says, she has, “a kind smile that will light up a room.”

When not at work, Jasmine spends time with her three lovely kids: Jayden; Mia; Miguel. When she has free time, she enjoys trying out new restaurants. Congratulations on one year Jasmine; we’re lucky to have you!