Profiles of Success – Andrew Zimmerman

Posted on October 11, 2022

Andrew Zimmerman has been with NSM in our Houston branch for a little over three years now. Officially his job title is Quality Coordinator, but he wears a lot of hats. He handles quality and cert reviews and technician trainings; he performs actual calibrations for third party items, and he manages research and development for new procedures and equipment. Andrew is most rewarded by keeping the flow of work through the lab at a steady stream, regardless of hurdles, and he’s most challenged by the fact that he was only born with two arms, rendering it difficult to juggle everything he has going on. He said he’ll get back to us on how he relaxes when he next takes a day off. On the rare occasion he’s not working, he sleeps. The three traits Andrew defines himself as are meticulousness, perfectionism and endurance as he’s often told he focuses too much on the small things, he tries to make everything perfect, and he never actually stops working. We also think you have a good sense of humor as evidenced by your responses to these questions! Thanks for humoring us Andrew; we appreciate all of your hard work, and we hope you get some time to sleep soon!