NSM Company News

Posted on November 9, 2021

Lots of exciting NSM company news to report over the last few weeks.

  • Gary Ames will assume the leadership role of Metrology Calibration services for the entire company. He will support all operations, personnel, and growth/expansion efforts by formulating business plans and budgets to support the long-term success of this business segment.
  • Marsha Carson will assume an increased role in the day-to-day oversite of the quality program.
  • Sadie DeHart is being promoted to Operations Coordinator for the Houston Metrology Lab.
  • Lawrence Yendrey is being promoted to Technical Coordinator for the Houston Metrology Lab.
  • Andrew Zimmerman is being promoted to the Quality Coordinator for the Houston Branch. In addition to this promotion, Andrew will pursue the required accreditations needed to become the Company Metrologist.
  • Gary Ames, Kat Brimhall and Ashley Weaver are our first ever Above & Beyond Award winners!

Congratulations to these employees on their promotions/achievements, and thank you to all of our outstanding employees for their service.