Profiles of Success – Marsha Carson

Posted on February 13, 2018

For five years Marsha Carson has served as NSM’s outstanding Quality Assistant & Regulatory Administrator. She’s responsible for administering the Quality Program, the Safety Program and the Regulatory Program globally for the Nicol Group. She also coordinates and administers all large contract projects globally and assists the President with special projects.

Marsha finds it rewarding to work in an environment supportive of her efforts and that encourages her to shine. She also finds it exciting to be part of a small company in which she can invest herself as the business grows. The relationships she’s made fulfill her on both a professional and a personal level. Marsha says that when she started this job, she felt it was a blessing to her, and she still feels that way today. While she enjoys any challenge, she does find that the Regulatory research and documentation she completes, ensuring that NSM is in compliance, meeting project requirements and exceeding customer expectations, is especially daunting.

Marsha defines herself as wildly independent, maybe even stubborn, and she can’t be swayed once her mind is made up about something. She grew up in a large family with a lot of brothers who taught her to stand her ground. It’s who she always has been, and it serves her well in regards to her work with the NSM Quality Program. She’s very passionate about things she believes in, and she’s comfortable presenting her thoughts to anyone when she’s inspired. Marsha is social and outgoing, and she can talk with anyone about anything!

When not at work, Marsha can be found on the sidelines of her grandsons’ soccer games; she’s the one cheering the loudest! She also has fun spending time with her family on game nights, and  she absolutely loves her newly adopted puppy Riley. For the past year she’s been working to represent a group of business owners in Dallas with efforts to prevent crime and to encourage involvement with government agencies in regards to small business interests. She also serves as a member of the Dallas Police Department’s Citizen’s Review Board.

Marsha may consider her job a blessing, but we at NSM know that we are the ones blessed to have her working here; thanks for all you do Marsha!

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