Profiles of Success – Lawrence Yendrey

Posted on September 4, 2018

For four years Lawrence Yendrey has been an excellent Calibration Technician for the Houston branch of NSM. He travels to a customer’s location to calibrate what they have on-site and brings everything that cannot be tested in the field back to the lab. Lawrence is most rewarded when a customer asks his opinion as he knows then that they trust him to do what is fair. He’s most challenged when working on equipment he’s never seen before as he has to figure out how it works prior to testing the equipment. Lawrence defines himself as adaptable as he doesn’t see the same type of equipment each day, and he has to change the way each item is tested, helpful as he tried to assist both his coworkers and his customers with problems as best he can and fair as he wants his customers to trust him and to know that he will do the best he can to calibrate or repair their equipment while using his experience to save them both time and money. He relaxes by spending time with his family and working around the house. Thanks for being an all-around asset to NSM Lawrence!

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