LabMaster 175 ULM

Posted on February 18, 2023

NSM’s purchase of the Pratt & Whitney Labmaster 175 ULM (Universal Length Machine) gives us a much wider range of equipment that we can now calibrate in-house, which will result in a significant shortening of our calibration turn-around time. The Labmaster 175 can calibrate the following: gauge blocks; ID micrometers; smooth ring gauges; thread plug gauges; dial and test indicators; depth micrometers; snap gauges; micrometer standard rods;  more dimensional measurements.

With a resolution down to 0.1 µin (0.0000001”) and an instrument uncertainty of (2 + 0.5L) µin, the Labmaster 175 increases our dimensional measurement precision substantially. The laser interferometer system it uses provides a degree of repeatability down to 1.6 µin, ensuring consistent and correct measurements. The Labmaster 175 ULM is accurate enough to calibrate laboratory-grade equipment and standards to meet even our most discerning customer’s needs.

Our standard five business day turnaround time will ensure that your dimensional equipment is back at your facility and ready for use as quickly as possible. Contact us today to discuss your dimensional calibration needs.