Profiles of Success – Joseph Kernodle

Posted on April 3, 2018

Joseph Kernodle has excelled in the Sales Department for over three years now. As the outside sales rep for Force Measurement and Material Testing, he is responsible for growing sales both in the Dallas-Ft Worth area and throughout the country. He both builds new relationships with potential customers and continues to grow the relationships already in place with current customers. Joseph works closely with the Director of Sales to find new ways to grow the FT/MT Department and with Jennifer Phillips, our outside sales rep for FM/MT in Houston, to make sure she has everything she needs in order to succeed in her area. In addition to equipment, he also sells EasyCal Agreements to customers in the area. Joseph works closely with the NSM quality department to make sure our customers receive the best service possible after the sale, including installations, calibrations, repairs and customer service.

Joseph is most rewarded when working directly with customers to find a solution for their testing application and knowing that in finding that solution, we have made their quality system more effective. The most challenging part of the job to him is part of the most rewarding; he sees a different application almost every day, and finding the right solution for each specific application/customer is the most challenging, but also enjoyable. The challenge is what continues to drive Joseph to succeed.

When asked to list three traits that defined him, he answered as follows:

  1. Good work ethic: “From a young age, having a good work ethic was instilled in me. You need to be able to show your customers you are willing to go out of your way to help them. I believe that this is one of the main reasons that I have been successful in my job so far and will help me continue to succeed in the future.”
  2. Adaptable: “You have to be able to adapt to be successful in my job. Every customer I meet has a different application or situation than the previous one. Being able to adapt to these situations is instrumental in succeeding.”
  3. Loyalty: “I am a very loyal person, whether it is with family, with friends or at work. Loyalty goes a long way in this industry. It is important to be able to show a customer, co-worker or business partner your loyalty and dedication when working with them.”

Joseph enjoys spending time with his wife, family and friends when not at work. He loves playing golf, watching sports and volunteering in his spare time. Thank you for your loyalty and dedication Joseph; our FT/MT division is thriving due to you!

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