Profiles of Success – Jim Gugino

Posted on April 24, 2018

Jim Gugino has worked off and on with Nicol Scales for forty years! As an outside salesperson, he is responsible for equipment sales from 1 microgram to 500 tons, excepting truck scales. He is also responsible for systems integration for process equipment. Not surprisingly Jim feels most rewarded when he integrates a solution for a customer and is subsequently told what we’ve done made them millions of dollars – obviously they are well rewarded as well!

He finds each day to be a new challenge with requests from customers and figuring out what best serves them at a fair cost.  Jim defines himself as honest, willing to take chances when others pass on them and being available after the sale is done; he’s always said that giving 110% every day will be appreciated in the long run. He relaxes in his backyard or somewhere in nature, either at the mountains or on a lake, taking it all in. Thank you for all your years of service Jim; we, and your customers, appreciate you and everything you provide!

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