Profiles of Success – James Green

Posted on May 15, 2018

James Green, our excellent Houston Calibration Services Manager & Quality Coordinator, has been with NSM for 10 years in December. He’s responsible for managing the calibration service department in Houston as well as overseeing Quality and the shipping and receiving department. James is most rewarded by coming to work and seeing employees smiling and enjoying their jobs; he’s most challenged by always trying to reach every customer’s deadline and to surpass their expectations.

James defines himself as organized, a multi-tasker and patient. Being organized is why he’s able to do his job well; he multitasks all day as he often has a tech asking questions with a customer on the phone, he’s overseeing five jobs at the same time, and he’s answering even more questions. Without patience, James couldn’t do his job. He finds that the more people he has, the more patience he has to show.

James relaxes with his family tubing on his boat, camping and fishing, sitting in a deer stand and listening to his daughter sing while he plays guitar. He also enjoys his son’s soccer game and watching his World Champion Astros play.

Thanks for ten years of outstanding service James; we appreciate you!

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