Welcome New Field Manager Daniel Speegle

Posted on July 18, 2017

Please join us in welcoming our newest field manager Daniel Speegle. Daniel grew up in the Southeast Houston area, but relocated to the Austin area after Hurricane Ike passed over the top of his house, and he decided Gulf Coast living was not for him.

Funny story as to how Daniel got into the industry: “I was working outside in the heat every day in the Erosion Control industry. One day my brother called me and proposed a single question, “Do you have insurance?”  I sarcastically responded with “No, but why are you trying to sell me insurance?” He essentially demanded that I come down and apply where he worked. I had nothing to lose so I obliged. I really wasn’t sure what he did, just knew he worked for “a scale company”. I didn’t even know if anything I knew at the time would apply. Low and behold I received a call back from the GM within 35 minutes to interview. I got the job and have been in the Weights and Measurement industry ever since.”

We at NSM are glad he made this decision; welcome aboard Daniel!