Profiles of Success – Cynthia Jarmons

Posted on November 29, 2017

For the last five years, NSM has been lucky to have Cynthia Jarmons serve as the Service Administrative Coordinator for our Dallas branch. Cynthia’s responsibilities are numerous; she assists the service managers, both scale and metrology) with the everyday running of the office, she works exclusively with the metrology department creating work orders, scheduling and assisting our NSM “non-scale” customers with their needs, and she also works closely with the scale service manager and service assistants to keep the scale service department on track with closing work orders and with keeping the service reports up to date. And of course, she helps out wherever else she can in all her (non-existent) downtime! And to think that work is where Cynthia comes to relax as she is busy with three teenagers Alexia and Relena, both 16 and non-identical twins, and Remus, 14. All three are now in high school, and all are involved in plenty of extracurricular activities keeping the family very busy!

Cynthia finds the most rewarding part of her job to be getting to know the customers. We at NSM wholeheartedly agree when she says “we have wonderful clients who I have been able to get to know very well. I love it when we are able to help in a pinch and make someone’s day!” She finds the most challenging part to be keeping up with technology. We now help customers via email, phone calls, text and chat. We are using new programs to track certificates, and our daily office management software updates often. She “loves the fact that Nicol Scales & Measurement” strives to use the latest technology and appreciates the challenge to stay knowledgeable of the latest technological advances.”

Cynthia defines herself with the following three traits: compassionate – she believes it is important to have compassion in the customer service industry, and she understands what it’s like to need to meet a deadline or to need something handled right away; adaptable – she tries to do everything she can for all our customers as she recognizes sometimes schedules must be adjusted, parts must be ordered and circumstances change, and we must adapt to any situation; patient – she tries to keep her cool in any situation as “patience, persistence and perspiration make an unbeatable combination for success.”

Thanks for all your patience, persistence and perspiration Cynthia; it’s definitely proved to be an unbeatable combination for success for you and for NSM!

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