Profiles of Success – Bradley Beck

Posted on November 6, 2018

Bradley Beck has been an excellent Calibration Technician for just under a year with NSM. He is responsible for verifying and calibrating customer equipment to ISO 17025 standards. Bradley is most rewarded by learning new methods and information to utilize in the growth of both Nicol Scales and himself, and he is most challenged by striving to be better than the day before. Bradley defines himself as patient as he finds patience to be the key to most environments, and it’s served him well, loyal as loyalty is important both when finding a job you love and in continuing to love one’s family and goofy as he tries to keep things light because “being serious all the time is a dull way to live.” He relaxes by engaging in various hobbies and spending time with his fiancée. Thanks for being patient, loyal and goofy Bradley; we at NSM appreciate you!

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