Profiles of Success – Alex Estabillo

Posted on May 7, 2019

Alex Estabillo has been a fantastic calibration technician with NSM for over six months now. In total he has over six years of calibration experience and ten years of electronic repair and trouble shooting. His responsibilities include in-lab calibrations, on-site calibrations, evaluation of customer calibration needs, standards research and evaluation, assisting with laboratory capability expansions, on-site customer relations, work order completion and assisting other technicians with calibrations. Alex is most rewarded by sharing his knowledge and expertise with other technicians, which further expands the capabilities of NSM as a whole. He is most challenged by the vast amount of equipment calibrated – it’s never the same equipment every day. He must maintain some flexibility in order to test some of the equipment, which requires creative thinking to maintain proper accuracy and test repeatability.

Alex defines himself as adaptable, focused and stoic. He must be able to adapt to the work area, the work load and the customer needs while being able to overcome any complications in a timely manner in the field. In addition, he must be able to work with what he has to accomplish his goal. He is focused as he does not like to leave a job unfinished, either professionally or personally. He likes to see all things through to the end until completed to the best of his ability. Alex is stoic as he does not let his past or his hardships affect his work performance or relations. He does not like to let his emotions show or to affect his judgement as a clear mind can overcome a lot when not clouded by emotions. Alex is a disabled veteran (Marine Corps) who experiences pain on a daily basis, yet many cannot see that and are not even aware that he is disabled.

When not at work Alex enjoys spending time with his wife and four children. He also enjoys solving Rubik’s cubes, working on cars and with firearms and generally working with his hands. Thanks so much for all you do for us at NSM Alex; we’re lucky to have you!

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