Cosmetics Testing Solutions

Posted on July 12, 2016

Make-up, lotion, perfume, shampoo, soap, gel and wax are all types of cosmetic products that have to comply with some of the strictest international standards within materials testing. In order to become a success, cosmetic products have to look appealing to the consumer, be easy to use as well as having exactly the right texture.

By performing a texture analysis on your cosmetic product, it is easy to determine whether the powder is too compact, the shampoo is too thick or if the lipstick will break too easily when applied by your customers.

Spreadability, firmness, stickiness, extrudability, break strength and compaction strength are some of the most common test types performed within cosmetics testing, while compression strength, peel strength and actuation force of pumps and sprays are some of the most common test types when testing cosmetic containers and packaging.

To simplify the testing process within the cosmetics industry, we offer the high precision TA1 texture analyzer. This machine enables you to test the texture properties of your cosmetics products and the quality of your packaging without having to change anything but the grips. Our wide variety of grips cover many standard grips used within cosmetics testing. We also offer customized grips to cover all your special needs.

Typical applications for cosmetics testing include:
– Spray cans
– Powder compacts/eye shadow
– Gel caps
– Cream gel
– Induction seals
– Lipstick/lip balm
– Cosmetic container lid opening
– Soap
– Wax