Shimadzu UH-X/FX Series Hydraulic Universal Testing Machines Features

Posted on November 21, 2016
  • Environmentally Friendly Hybrid Option: Each model in the standard series is available as a regular hydraulic model or as a hybrid hydraulic model which combines an AC servo motor with a hydraulic pump, reducing power consumption and requiring less oil.
  • Large Capacity Series: To meet the most demanding testing applications, a large capacity series of UH-X and UH-FX models is also offered with capacities of 2,000 kN (440,000 lbf), 3,000 kN (660,000 lbf), and 4,000 kN (880,000 lbf). Only the UH-X and UH-FX 2,000 kN capacity models are available as hybrid hydraulic models.
  • Extended-Column Models: To encompass a wider range of applications, models with column extensions are available.
  • High-Speed Data Measurement without Ranges: Data can be acquired at sampling rates of up to 1 msec (1 kHz), so even the most sudden changes in test force can be captured with high accuracy. Force and strain data measurement without ranges means data are acquired using optimal measurement parameters, even for specimens with unknown strength.
  • Semi-Auto-Tuning Function: Easily perform highly precise stress-controlled or strain-controlled measurement. Testing to ISO standard 6892-2009, precision strain-controlled testing, and JIS Z2241, metallic materials tensile testing, can be performed using the semi-auto-tuning function.
  • Multi-Level Crosshead Positioning Structure: The upper crosshead position can be changed easily depending on the specimen length. Therefore, tests are performed at a height appropriate for the operator.
  • Comprehensive Safety Considerations: Safety features include: an optional safety cover for protection from specimen debris, a safety stopper preventing grip faces from contacting each other in the event of an operating error, and a grip face open and close switch which only actuates the grips while the switch is depressed.
  • Large Color LCD Touch-Pad: Testing can be effortlessly programmed and monitored using the large 10.4-inch color touch-screen and the easy-to-operate graphical user interface.
  • PC Control Using Trapezium X Testing Software: Trapezium X testing software allows advanced programming and processing of testing data. Four software modules are available: the single module for single-direction testing; the cycle module for endurance testing; the control module for configuring combinations of tensile, compression, and holding steps; and the concrete module for compression and bend testing of concrete.

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