Shimadzu MOC63u Features

Posted on November 23, 2016
  • Long-life and high power halogen heater provides quick and accurate measurement, with a temperature range from 50 degrees to 200 degree Celsius
  • A large sample pan (95mm diameter) enables a large amount of sample to be placed evenly in a thin layer, resulting in accurate and fast measurements
  • The measure results can be transferred by USB cable (If connecting to PC, USB Driver Download is necessary)
  • Shimadzu’s unique Windows® Direct function is standard. Measurement data can be easily sent to an application such as Excel®, where data can be processed using familiar functions such as statistical calculations and graph charting. Connection requires only a single RS232C cable. Interface connections and software installations are completely unnecessary.
  • 3 drying modes besides standard drying mode : Rapid drying mode, Slow drying mode, Step drying mode

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