Shimadzu AGS-X Features

Posted on November 21, 2016
  • Easily Control of Stress and Strain: The AGS-X series is able to auto-tune control parameters in real-time based on measured test force and strain data. This feature is useful when testing:
    • Iron and steel – In addition to conventional stress control, easily perform tensile testing with strain control according to ISO 6892-2009 and JIS Z2241-2010
    • Plastics and resin – Measure the modulus of elasticity in the ultra-small strain domain according to ISO 527, ISO 178, and JIS K7171
    • Ceramics – Avoid sample damage as the AGS-X provides exact control right from the start of testing
  • Accurate Stress-Strain Curves with Class 0.5 Load Cells and High-Speed Data Sampling: ±0.5% accuracy load cells with a wide, guaranteed range from 1/1 to 1/500 of the maximum capacity help improve testing efficiency because multiple tests can be performed without switching load cells and accessories. Furthermore, high-speed data sampling of up to 1 msec (1 kHz) ensures no missed strength changes.
  • Comprehensive Safety Measures: Safety functions include one-touch stroke limiters to stop testing when a certain stroke is achieved, optional safety covers to protect the operator from any specimen debris, and easily accessible emergency-stop switches.
  • Built-In or External Operation Panel: The up to 10 kN tabletop model features a built-in main operation panel that can be used to create tensile, compression, and cycle test methods. For the 20 kN to 300 kN AGS-X models, an external main operation panel is included which, in addition to setting up tests, can be used to open and close automatic grips, or an automatic extensometer.
  • Trapezium X Testing Software: A second, extensively used test control option is Shimadzu’s cutting-edge data collection and processing software, Trapezium X. Using the comprehensive Trapezium X virtually all materials development and quality control data analysis requirements are accommodated.

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