Sartorius Cubis Analytical Balance Features

Posted on November 23, 2016
  • Q-Guide – novel, wizard-supported User/Task Management for easiest operation – even when the most complex weighing tasks need to be performed.
  • Q-Level – leveling, fast, easy and reliable. A standard feature, with interactive prompts displayed during manual leveling (MSA and MSU). Cubis also provides the option of motorized leveling – for fully automatic leveling at the touch of a key (only for 1mg models).
  • Q-Pan – the first lab balance that automatically minimizes off-center loading errors and thus maximizes weighing accuracy.
  • Q-Com – a communication design that satisfies every need, and then some. USB, Ethernet andRS-232C ports, the latter for connecting accessory equipment, are built-in standard features. With an integrated SD card reader for data storage and convenient data transfer (not for MSE). Additional interfaces, such as a Bluetooth wireless technology module are optionally available.
  • Advanced Pharma Compliance. Cubis is ideal for use in regulated areas in the pharmaceutical industry, e.g., with User/Password Management, Audit Trail function, Alibi memory, alert messages and reminder functions, isoCAL fully automatic calibration and adjustment, and is designed for easy and thorough cleaning.
  • Cubis offers the first top-loading semi-microbalance featuring full resolution (readability 10µg) up to 220g. Space savings up to 25%.
  • MSA – the non plus ultra
    • Top-of-the-line technology and information design.
    • Touch screen featuring high-resolution color TFT for high-contrast display of texts and graphics.
    • Outstanding operating convenience and display quality, especially for complex applications that require substantial text input.
    • The optimal features and equipment to meet the very highest requirements, for example, in the pharmaceutical industry.
  • MSU – classic and universal
    • High-resolution, generously sized, monochrome graphic display and keys that feature positive click action and precise activation of functions.
    • For users who prefer to combine classic key-operated control with the widest range of performance features.
  • MSE – pure and simple weighing
    • Large, high-contrast liquid-crystal display, easy-to-understand menu guidance with short text prompts; clearly structured keys for precise activation of functions.
    • It offers the optimal basis for users who need to weigh with the highest accuracy, but have lower needs in terms of complexity of a weighing process and in data management.
  • For all analytical balance models, Cubis offers the ideal draft shield chamber, whichever version you choose for manual or motorized, user-friendly operation. It can be quickly and conveniently cleaned for “spotless” cleaning results. Along with the optionally integrated ionizer, the Cubis draft shield helps reduce interfering effects that can cause weighing errors, such as static electricity on samples or weighing containers.

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