Pennsylvania Scale 7800 Features

Posted on May 16, 2022
  • Windows type operating system embedded alpha-numeric keyboard and operational prompts, the 7800 offers superior flexibility to simplify the most sophisticated weighing application. For even greater operator ease and productivity, the screen displays only the data and input buttons of the function being used, so there’s no confusing on-screen clutter or data.
  • High visibility color touchscreen display, easy to see, comprehend and operate
  • Product ID, Description and three (3) user defined and labeled data fields providing the most flexible and powerful count/weigh solution for label printing or software interface when additional identifying fields are required along with count or weight data
  • Built in database to store and recall up to 750 part numbers, descriptions, three user defined data fields along with piece weights, tare weights, description, three user defined data fields checkweigh settings and setpoint-relay target values. Optional expended database for store and recall of 1,500 or 3,000 part numbers
  • Two independent bidirectional comports with options for Ethernet, WiFi, USB Virtual Comport, USB HID Keyboard and Bluetooth. Connectivity with multiple devices at the same time with unique communication protocols and data out/in on each port; built in flexibility to interface with virtually any printer or software.

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