Mark-10 Series F + EasyMESUR Tension/Compression Force Testers Features

Posted on November 4, 2022
  • Rigid and precise by design – Exceptionally rigid frames feature custom extrusion designs, engineered for stiffness. Factory compensation of test frames and force sensors ensure position accuracy of ±0.006 in / 0.15 mm under any load, at any position. Stepper motors and controllers drive a ballscrew and linear guideway for smooth, quiet operation, with virtually no speed variation under load.
  • Conveniently modular -Frame bases can be removed to accommodate column extensions and alternative mounting configurations. Most electronics are housed in a self-contained enclosure, easily accessed and replaced if needed. Integrated T-slots along the column accommodate add-ons.
  • Limit switches – Solid-state upper and lower limit switches may be used as test limits or as test exceptions. Dual-graduated rulers aid in switch placement.
  • Seamless force sensor interface – Series FS05 smart force sensors mount directly to the crosshead of models F105, F305, F505, and F505H, without any connection cables. Ranges available from 0.12 to 500 lbF [0.5 N to 2.5 kN]. Accurate to ±0.1% of full scale. Series FS06 S-beam type force sensors mount to models F105, F305, F505, and F505H, recommended when using heavy and bulky grips. Ranges available from 50 to 500 lbF [250 N to 2.5 kN].
  • Easy-to-service electronics – Most electronics are housed in an integrated module, easily replaced without special tools or processes.

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