Tracking Chlorine at a Water Treatment Plant

Posted on December 14, 2020

A Dallas area water treatment plant asked NSM to replace their worn out scale that is used to track the amount of Chlorine that is put into the water supply. Eight chlorine tanks, each weighing 3,800 lbs, are loaded onto the platform at the same time and connected to the water supply to slowly distribute Chlorine. The previous scales did not have the weight balanced correctly across the platform so the load cells in the middle of the platform were overloaded multiple times, bending their old weighing platform. NSM fabricated a brand new, sturdier weighing platform, and we put it on 8 evenly distributed stainless steel double ended shear beam load cell mounts instead of using the previous 6 load cell design. This new system will ensure that the weight of the Chlorine tanks are distributed evenly and that the amount of product being used will be recorded accurately for years to come.


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