Fish Farm Needs Automated System for Better Tracking and Error Reduction

Posted on November 21, 2011

Nicol Scales & Measurement created a wireless system using load cell modules and programmable indicators that can track fish farm ID’s and record how much feed was put into each pond and the type and size of feed loaded into each truck.  This system also tracks which operator is using the system and the time and date of each individual feeding.  English and Spanish options all operators to choose their desired language for prompts.  The wireless system allows the operators to download the database at the end of each shift and creates a printed report serving as a backup system in case of faulty data transmission or computer issues.

A custom wedge software program is used to push the data into a database and also saves each transmission into a separate text file for a backup.  This unique system gives the fish farm a competitive advantage because hours of manual data entry time are eliminated and errors minimized by switching from a manual to an automated program.  The system also documents feeding times which led to better time management of employees and improved inventory control of the feed means a bottom line savings to the farm because of less wasted fish feed.

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