Customized Portability for Heavy-Duty AX900 Axle Scales

Posted on August 2, 2022

Enforcing vehicle weight limits is vital to infrastructure protection and motorist safety. The Texas Department of Public Safety chooses Intercomp’s AX900 Axle Scales for commercial vehicle enforcement because the scales are NTEP class IIII certified for direct law enforcement and capable of providing axle, axle group and gross vehicle weights. This mobile scale system can support extremely heavy loads and is robust enough for everyday use in a variety of environments. When the DPS purchased their AX900 scales, we at Nicol Scales & Measurement recommended adding the optional transport trailer to their package to facilitate easy loading and transport of the heavy-duty system.

“Intercomp has provided mobile axle weighing systems to the Texas Department of Safety for many years. The combination of reliability and portability is unique in the industry and perfectly suited to the needs of CVE (Commercial Vehicle Enforcement),” said Stuart Waymack, NSM Central Texas Sales.

The AX900 Axle Scale Trailer is a reliable and durable option for transporting AX900 scales to areas not served by permanent truck scales. The trailer is equipped with scale rollers, winches and a hydraulic tilt package which virtually eliminate the need for manual labor when deploying the scales or reloading onto the trailer. Toolboxes and overhead storage provide additional space for associated equipment, signage, and other needs of the enforcement officers.

The trailer can be loaded in a few simple steps. Back the trailer up in front of the scales, tilt the trailer bed with the hydraulic jack to lower the ramps to the ground, attach the winch cable to the scale and crank up the scale onto the trailer. After securing the scale, lower the trailer bed back down level and the process is complete.

The Texas Department of Safety has stated that the trailer allows for the easy loading and unloading of the scale system at locations decided by enforcement officers. The department has been able to increase the efficiency, safety and transportation of their AX900 Axle scales with the AX900 Trailer. The trailer has helped them tackle the daily challenges of Commercial Vehicle Enforcement in a variety of environments and locations. Intercomp and NSM continue to work on new innovations to better serve their customers.

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