Minebea Intec Midrics Indicator Accessories

Posted on June 29, 2016

YAS99I – Separable plug connection, platfrm.-ind.
YAS03MI – Installation kit for Midrics indicator


YCC01-USBM2 – RS-232/USB-cable
YCC02-D09F6 – Cable f. prntr., to 9-pin D-Sub fem. con
YCC02-D25F6 – Cable f. accesry., 25-pin D-Sub fem. con
6906926 – Sartonet cable, 1 meter length
YAS04CIS – Cable gland for Combics, IP67
YDH12CWS – Indic.holder for bench,st.st,platf.ED/FE
YDO01M-IO – Digital I/O for Midrics
YDA01M-20MA – 16 bit analog current output 4-20 mA Midrics

Dust cover

YDC01SW – 2 in-use covers for SIW & MIS..indicator

Power supply

YAS02MI – 24Volt module

Data interface

YDO01M-232 – RS232 data interface for Midrics
YDO01M-232CO – RS232 data interface f. Midrics indic.
YDO01M-485 – RS485 data interface for Midrics

Roller conveyor

YDO01M-232CLK – RS232 with clock f. Midrics indic.
External rechargable battery packs
YRB11Z – External battery pack

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