Minebea Intec Midrics Complete Accessories

Posted on June 28, 2016

YDO01M-232CLK – RS232 interface + Clock
YDO01M-232CO – Interface RS232
YDO01M-485 – RS485 interface
YDO01M-IO – Digital Input 5/ Output 5 opto isolated
YDA01M-20MA – Analogue current output, 0-20 mA, 4-20 mA, 0-10V, 16-bit
YDO01M-EN – Internal Ethernet Interface module 10/100Mbit TCP/IP
External data interface adapters
YCC01-USBM2 – Connecting cable from RS232 to USB-Connector, 2 m
YDP20-OCE – Data Printer
YDP14-OCE – Strip and Label Printer, Thermal
YDC01SW – Dust covers (2 units)
YAS04CIS – Cable gland (PG) for cables  4.5 up to 9 mm,
IP67 protected, M16 x 1.5
YAS03MI – Kit for attaching the indicator to a switch cabinet
Power Supply
YAS02MI – 24 volt module
YCC02-D09M6 – Connecting cable with screwed cable gland for printer YDP12/04IS, open ended cable / 9-pin D-Sub male connector, 6m
YCC02-D09F6 – Connecting cable with screwed cable gland for printer YDO03 or PC, open ended cable / 9-pin D-Sub female connector
YCC02-D25F6 – Connecting cable for accessories
– 25 pin D-SUB female
YCC02-R12F6 – Connecting cable for accessories and IS platforms,
– 12-pin round female connector, 6 m
YCC02-RELAIS02 – Connecting cable to open ended cable, 6 m
YCC02-RJ45M7 – Ethernet connecting cable with RJ45 male connector, 7m
6906926 – Connecting cable for analogue output (4-20mA) for YDA01C-20MA, cable with open ends, e.g. 5x = 5 m
Mechanical Accessories
YDH12CWSUS – Stainless steel indicator holder for bench top fixing, only for platform sizes  320×240 mm (DC), 400×300 mm (ED) and 500x 400 mm (FE)
YAS99I – Connection kit – male and female connector for connecting an analog platform to an indicator (disconnectable plug-in)
YDH02CISUS – Brackets for wall mounting, stainless steel, tiltable
YBP03CIS – Base for installing floor-mounted column, stainless steel
YDH03CISUS – Floor-mounted column, stainless steel, height: 1.1m
YBH01CWS – Retainer for bar code scanner, for attachment to bench stand
YPP01CWS – Plate for attaching indicator and printer to bench stand
Column, stainless steel, for attaching indicator to platform, for sizes..
YDH01CWSUS – 320 x 240mm, 330mm height (13″)
YDH02CWSUS – 400 x 300 & 500 x 400, 500mm height (19″)
YDH03CWSUS – 500 x 400, 750mm height (29.5″)

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