Minebea Intec Maxxis 4 Accessories

Posted on March 1, 2017

PR5500/10 – A/D Converter
PR5500/04 – Interface Card Serial 2 x RS485 (incl. supply for IS Plattform)
PR5500/07 – Interface Card Analog 1x Input /1x Output 0/4-20 mA
PR5500/12 – Interface Card Digital 4x Input / 4x Output (activ)
PR5500/13 – Interface Card Digital 4x Input / 4x Output (passiv)
PR5500/17 – Control I/O Card 6-Inputs/8 Outputs
PR1721/61 – Interface Card Profibus DP
PR1721/64 – Interface Card DeviceNet
PR1721/65 – Interface Card CC-Link
PR1721/66 – Interface Card Profinet
PR1721/67 – Interface Card Ethernet/IP
PR5500/81 – PHASE Application License
PR5500/83 – BATCHING Application License
PR5500/86 – IBC – 1 component filling Application License
PR5500/87 – Tillt Correction License (Software Basic)
PR5500/91 – Alibi Memory License
PR5500/92 – OPC Server License
PR5500/93 – Special License “Batch Modes” for Programming

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