“Legal for Trade” Compliance

Scales used to buy or sell products are “Legal for Trade” scales. The State of Texas has specific requirements for these scales — they must be calibrated and put into service by a licensed scale company, or you risk getting fined.

If you buy scales off of the internet and do not have them put into service by a licensed scale company in the State of Texas, you risk getting fined for each violation.

Nicol Scales & Measurement is fully compliant with the State of Texas’ requirements.  NSM is a “Licensed Service and Inspection Company” in the State of Texas, and our Technicians are licensed by the State of Texas.

Read the requirements for device owners in the State of Texas.

Our company policy is to send a RWM-780 form to the State of Texas for each legal for trade scale that we put into service. Read the requirements for Immediate Consumption here.

Click to see the updated penalty matrix or for more information from the State of Texas.