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fairbanks scales logoFoodborne Illnesses White PaperJune 26, 2017

• 3,000 deaths • 1 in every 6 Americans get sick (that’s 48 million people) • 128,000 hospitalizations These yearly estimates are provided by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in reference to the foodborne illnesses in the Unites States. The unfortunate part is that they were all preventable and, to make matters worse, a recent study […]

fairbanks scales logoIP69K White PaperApril 17, 2017

What is IP69K? Is this a concern for me? If so, how can I be

Robbie Jeremy LogoSelecting a Testing, Calibration or Measurement SupplierNovember 1, 2016

When selecting a supplier to fulfill your testing, calibration or measurement needs, you need to be sure that they can supply you with accurate and reliable results.  Whilst a laboratory can reassure you that they are technically competent, or you can attempt to evaluate the service yourself, neither provides you with confidence that you have […]

Slope’s Effect on Accurate WeighingNovember 1, 2016

The scale is designed with the assumption that the load will be parallel to the direction of gravity and perpendicular to the weighing platform; meaning, there is only a vertical force. An uneven balance or scale causes the introduction of a horizontal force which affects the weight reading. The general rule of thumb is that […]

Condec ComponentsThe Benefits of Buying LocalNovember 1, 2016

Businesses are turning to the Internet for a wide variety of purchases, including scales. Although convenient and sometimes less expensive, online purchases can be misleading. Knowing exactly what is being purchased from the Internet is essential— especially if the scale is going to be used in buying, selling or shipping applications. The scale may be […]

USP Chapter 41: “Balances”November 1, 2016

This chapter states the requirements for balances used for materials that must be accurately weighed (see General Notices, 8.20). Unless otherwise specified, when substances must be “accurately weighed”, the weighing shall be performed using a balance that is calibrated over the operating range and meets the requirements defined for repeatability and accuracy. For balances used […]